Zara.Euro: Finely textured Remy full lace wigs created as an alternative for European textured hair

We have many customers, of European descent, who come to us looking for full lace Euro wigs. Whether you're experiencing hair loss or damage, or want to change color or texture without using chemicals on your own tresses, carries a variety of Euro hair wigs suitable for customers whose hair color ranges from dark brunette to light blond. We offer silky, wavy and curly textures in a variety of shades. We have assembled a collection of wigs suitable for customers of Euro descent.

Indian remy hair is most commonly used in wigs and extensions and many customers love the texture of Indian remy hair. We also have Chinese, Mongolian and Malaysian texture available too. We also have the ability to create custom made full lace wigs from genuine Russian and Ukrainian hair, we don't stock these wigs, as they are very expensive.