Zara.Curls: Full lace wigs in curly, wavy and kinky curly textures

Our curly hair lace front and full lace wigs are made from premium Remy hair, textured with a curl pattern. Our curl patterns range from a deep body wave to a tight kinky curl. You can choose to flat iron the hair for a sleek look.

For added versatility, when wet, you can roller set the hair, for a different curly look. Curly and wavy wigs work well in colors ranging from light brown to jet-black. Blonde wigs should be ordered in body wave only.

Curly and wavy hair wigs are perfect for climates with humidity, or wet weather. These wigs are often considered "wet and wavy" or "wash and go" as they require little styling to maintain the look on a daily basis. Just a quick tousle in the morning is enough to stye the wig for the day.

Zara Wigs provides styling guides or styling assistance for those who need help caring for curly wigs. Typically a shampoo and conditioner for curly wigs or hair extensions is recommended, along with a light leave in to maintain a sleek curl pattern. Re-wetting sprays are often unnecessary to maintain the hair. We can always recommend the right product for the curl pattern, due to our experience working with many different hair types and textures.

If you are deciding between textures, please note that looser curls and waves are lower maintenance than tighter curls and waves.

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