Premium Quality Virgin Peruvian Hair Extensions (Weaving Hair)

Our virgin Peruvian hair is ethically sourced from multiple collectors throughout Peru. We collect hair from donors of various ages, receiving hair that ranges from deep brown (almost black) to medium brown. The hair texture ranges from straight to deep wavy, with the rare bundle of curly hair.

We also collect gray hair, sorting and separating it, to make gray hair hairpieces and wigs.

There is no one standard to describe all Peruvian hair, so we provide descriptors for each item number so that you may select the texture that's the best for you. Our Peruvian hair textures can range form silky and smooth to thick and slightly coarse. We import Peruvian hair for machine wefting (weave hair extensions), closures and full lace wigs.

Our Peruvian hair is not steam processed, the curls and waves are completely natural, and the color is not processed. The hair is completely virgin.