U Part Wigs:

Who are U-Part (Integrated) wigs for?

If you have been considering hair extensions, you might consider a U-Part wig as another option instead. U-Part wigs blend in with your real hair, specifically a small strip of hair on top, to make a very natural look and fit.

Why should I wear a U-Part Wig?

If you are already wearing hair extensions, a U-Part wig can be a much simpler solution for you. A U-Part wig doesn't require regular maintenance and reapplications like hair extensions do, so you can save yourself a great deal of money over time. You can apply your <>U-Part wig yourself, but even when applied by a stylist, it is much quicker than the application of hair extensions.

The client most suitable for the U-Part wig is someone who is wearing hair extensions. U-Part wigs are typically not a hair loss solution, for alopecia, thinning or baldness. If you are wearing hair extensions, and paying for maintenance or reapplication, every few weeks, a U-Part wig can save money over time.

Even if your U-Part wig is installed by a stylist, the time is shorter, as it takes less time to sew on a full unit as opposed to applying individual extensions, and you have the option of clipping on the wig yourself, if you are unable to make it to the stylist for a maintenance or application appointment.

U-Part wigs are intended for mechanical application (clips or sew on) and are not suitable for clients who need a bonded application.