Toppers for Thinning Crowns:

What is a topper? It seems like an odd word but a topper is simply a popularized phrase for a woman's hairpiece that is placed at the "top" of the head. This is most commonly used to cover hair loss in the crown area, when a woman has hair otherwise. The topper conceals the thinning, with the hair falling down, over the biological hair, to create a seamless look. Zara Wigs is a manufacturer of custom hairpieces and we are able to create any type of hair replacement solution.

With a topper a woman has two basic attachment options:

Bonded attachment is more suitable for women who either have areas where there is no biological hair growing, or who have made the decision to shave an area of sparse hair, to leave an area of hairless skin to attach the topper.

Mechanical attachment is suitable for clients with biological hair who are experiencing thinning and either do not need, or want, to shave the biological hair. Mechanical attachment options include clips (a do it yourself option), micro link attachment, sewing to a cornrow or sewing to micro links (these options are usually performed by an experienced licensed cosmetologist).

The best way to order a topper is to copy an existing topper. If that's not an option for you (if this is your first time ordering), you can always call us for a telephone consultation and we will walk you through the process.

The top concerns when ordering a topper, or any partial hair replacement unit, is matching the biological hair. The overwhelming majority of women color their hair and if you color your hair also, we offer two options: 1- you can send a hair sample for us to match or 2- you can order a pre-lightened topper and have the hairpiece colored by one of our stylists, or your own colorist. More information about coloring can be found here.