Lace Wigs for Caucasian Women: Lace wigs for women of European or mixed ancestry

There's a misconception floating around that lace wigs are for women of color. Nothing could be further from the truth. A lace wig, full lace wig, hair replacement unit, or also referred to as a hairpiece, is an option for women of all ethnicities.

What makes the wig suitable is often a combination of color, texture and hair type. We specialize in creating stunning full lace wigs that replicate biological hair. Even better, we have the skill, and experience, to re-create salon quality styling including intricate color blends, highlight and lowlight patterns, and shading variations that will create a hair replacement unit that looks like you spend hundreds of dollars in the salon!

We offer many different hair types, ranging from thick and coarse, to fine and silky, to replicate your biological hair. If you're looking to blend a partial hair replacement unit with your biological hair, we can do that also!

We offer online ordering for convenience, we also offer hair replacement consultants in select locations, as well as our flagship retail store in Northern California. You can also call us at 866-ZARA-WIG for a telephone consultation to guide you in selecting the right option for your needs.

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