Wigs with Grey Hair:

While many women avoid gray hair and the tell-tale sign of getting older, there are many women who embrace their gray. Options range from choosing a few, sparse, gray hairs to blending in 10-20 percent gray or even salt and pepper or primarily gray blends.

Zara Wigs is one of the few manufacturers of custom wigs (as well as weaving hair) that offers 100% human gray hair. We can create a custom order wig or hair extensions with gray hair to blend perfectly with your own hair, or to mimic your natural hair.

Gray hair can be ordered in straight, African American relaxed, and other lightly textured hair and we can create blends from a few strands up to 90% gray. If you need a consultation, you are always welcome to contact us and speak to a hair replacement specialist that can help you find the perfect solution to meet your needs.

We rarely stock gray blend full wigs and all hairpieces, closures, toppers and weaving hair must be custom made to have a gray blend. You also can order a few quick ship wig options with gray hair, up to 10%. Any gray blend higher than 10% must be custom ordered.