Zara.PreLightened: Pre lightened wigs for custom coloring (recommended for use by professionals or experienced colorists) Pre-Lightened full lace wigs are lightened, but not colored. Many customers purchase wigs to have their stylist color, and mistakenly purchase colors that are hard to lift. At, we decided to offer a collection of lace front wigs where the colors are already lightened, making it easier for your stylist to use salon quality hair color to complete your custom coloring.

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Most stylists know that it is hard to lift the color from Asian hair. Many will attempt to apply regular color and developer, only to be disappointed that the color barely changes. Often, stylists use high lift color with unpredictable results. We have taken a lot of guess work and experimentation out of pre-lightening the wigs by doing it for you.

Please note that we do not offer refunds or exchanges for wigs, once they have been altered or chemical services have been performed. Have your stylist test the color on a small, inconspicuous part of the wig before attempting to color the entire wig. While we offer this product, we do not offer any warranty for the results of a chemical service performed on a wig after purchase

Many years ago we had a customer purchase a blond wig from us. She then later had a tremendous problem because her stylist tried to color the wig another color and had unpredictable results. Of course, as stylists do, they blame the hair, the customer thought something was wrong with the hair. There is a science to hair coloring, especially when lifting Asian hair that comes in dark shades. To get consistency at the factory, they may have to use different processes on different hair to get uniformity and consistency, even your own head of hair may have several shades of color mixed in (especially on the bottom near the nape where that hair gets little sun exposure). As a result, coloring a wig that has already been colored can give unpredictable results. A pre-lightened wig eliminates a lot of that. The wig is lightened, but not colored, to take some of the unpredictability out of the equation. As always, your colorist still has to test to ensure they get the result you are looking for, because there are still other variables that need to be resolved when coloring hair.

If you've ever tried to lift your wig to a light shade of brown or blond and it lifted too fast, and you ended up with brassy or orange hair, then a pre-lightened wig may be a much better option for you.

You should select a wig closest to the level you wish as your final color. If you don't know what levels are, you shouldn't color your own wig :) Remember all of our wigs can be ordered pre-lightened. We don't provide hair coloring instruction or advice because a wig is just too expensive to experiment with and we believe if you don't know what you're doing, you should not try something new with an investment such as a lace front wig. If you are truly adventurous and want to learn about hair coloring, practice on weft hair first!