Cancer Chemotherapy Wigs: Wigs for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer

A Wig Primer

Before you buy a wig, you should first talk to your doctor. Not all cancer treatments cause hair loss so ask your doctor what you should expect with your treatment. If it is probable that you will suffer hair loss, ask your doctor for a prescription for a "hair prosthesis," or "cranial prosthesis." Most insurance companies will cover some of the cost, or in some cases all of the cost.

Chemotherapy Wigs

Wigs needed for medical purposes such as a side effect from cancer treatment. However, we recommend that you check with your insurance company before you order to confirm your coverage.

Once you are ready to buy a wig, it's good to understand a little about what your options are. You may have seen various hair pieces advertised at less than $100 online. Read the descriptions carefully on these discounted wigs. Often they are synthetic wigs and sometimes they are just extensions to add fullness to your normal hair. The latter are not wigs, and are not recommended for those facing hair loss from cancer treatment as they generally attach to existing hair and therefore tend to accelerate hair loss.

Human Hair Wigs vs. Synthetic Wigs

The quality of a human hair wig over a synthetic wig cannot be overstated.

Our lace front wigs are made from human hair tied to a lace base. One or two strands of hair at a time are secured to the lace base by expert wigmakers. The end result allows for multi-directional hairstyling that looks and feels more like your own hair.

Conversely, synthetic wigs tend to be pre-styled and machine-sewn in lines. While they may look somewhat realistic, the minute you want to restyle, create a part or pull them back (into a ponytail for example), the limitations of the synthetic wigs become clear. The line-sewn synthetic hair generally cannot be altered and in most cases curling irons or blow dryers will melt or singe the hair on synthetic wigs.

Given the styling flexibility and superior quality of human hair wigs, ultimately price should not be your deciding factor. You should also consider the self-confidence that a more realistic wig will give you knowing that you can wear it like your natural hair and style it anyway you like without feeling conspicuous.

Choosing Your Wig Color

Our wigs can be made in a wide array of colors ranging from light blonde to jet black. Our wigs can also be customized to match any hair type including ethnic texturization specifically for African-American women. Please ask as many questions as necessary during your consultation and be specific about your hair needs at the time of your order to ensure we customize your wig to truly match the hair style, texture and color that will make you feel comfortable.

If you have ever considered trying a new color, consider this time your chance to be bold. Do you have straight hair and want to go curly? Or vice versa? What better way to tell the world you're fine than to try a dramatic new look whether in color, length or style. Our natural hair wigs give you the flexibility to experiment with a totally new look while still looking natural.

Whatever shade you choose, keep in mind that your treatments can affect your skin color. Your face may appear slightly grayish, greenish or yellowish. As a result, you will want to aim for less contrast. So while you can try a new color, make sure the shade is still lighter than your natural hair. Likewise, you might try a shorter wig during treatment. Not only can shorter wigs be easier to care for, many women going through chemotherapy or radiation treatment will lose weight or appear drawn. A shorter style can give your face a fuller appearance during treatment.

Taking Care of Your Wig

All wigs require some daily care, but it is often less attention than you probably would normally spend on your own hair. Basic wig care instructions can be found on our website, extensive care instructions can be shipped with your wig. Certain side-effects of treatment, such as if you experience excessive sweating, can require extra care. You should check our website FAQs or contact us for a consultation if the answer to your question is not on our website.

Ready to Order?

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