As of April 22, 2012 Zara Wigs eliminated using percentage densities on custom orders. Even with percentages, density can vary from one manufacturer/factory to another. Zara Wigs now uses four densities for all orders: Light, Standard, Volumized and Extra Dense. For each density, we provide a density photo, and photos of celebrities, to assist you with making the best decision. A celebrity endorsement is not implied, nor are we suggesting these celebrities are wearing lace wigs in their photographs.

We eliminated using percentages to describe density because percentages vary from company to company and one company's 150% may resemble another company's 180%. We eliminated using terms like light to medium becuase most people don't know what that means. Most people understand that they want light density, a "normal" amount of hair (standard), full hair (volumized) or extra thick hair (extra dense).

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Light density is typically for a woman 40+ years old, whose biological hair is beginning to thin and wants an appearance that doesn't draw attention. Clients that choose light density often say "I don't like a lot of hair" or comment "that's too much hair for me" when looking at hair replacement units or full lace wigs. Most clients who opt for this density are over 40, with the vast majority being over 50. The client that chooses this density wants a very lighweight natural appearance, doesn't like a lot of fuss, and feels that too much hair either looks unnatural or overwhelms her face. This is our standard density, suitable for most of our clients. The density is similar to a full head of hair. There is a nice volume of hair to create a great cut, natural styling and parting on the unit. When the hair is curly or curled, it will appear more voluminous.

Standard density is comparable with medium density, 100-115%. We call it standard, because it'sthe ventillation standard for all our lace wigs.


Extra Dense

The client who chooses a volumized density is looking for fullness in the back, and on the lower sides (by the ears), while keeping the top and hairline relatively light. This allows more hair for layered cuts and fuller styling around the face. Also if you're looking for a blunt bob cut, a volumized unit is more capable of achieving that cut.

Volumized density is comparable to medium heavy density, typically 130-140% density.
The extra dense density is the most commonly sought density for clients seeking a celebrity look. The extra dense density is the most expensive because the extra hair creates far more labor in ventillation. If you like this density, but need to keep your costs down, you may want to consider calling us to discuss using wefts, strategically placed on the cap, instead of hand-tying the entire unit. You lose the ability to part anywhere with the wefts, but many clients are willing to make that trade off to get the density they want.

Extra dense is typically considered heavy density, comparable to 150-180% density.

Too Much for Hand Tied

If you're looking for this much volume on your unit, generally speaking, this is too much hair to hand-tie onto a lace base. There have been times where we have been able to make a hand tied unit with heavy density like this, but generally speaking, our wigmakers will not accomodate this much volume with handtied (full lace) units. Consider partial hand tie with wefted hair in the back, if you're looking for this volume. If you wear weaves and you commonly wear 3 or more packs/bundles of hair, you generally will not be able to achieve that volume with a handtied unit.