ColorBlends: Asian Remy Malaysian Texture Wavy Full Lace Wig- Deep Reds

This item is not currently available for sale and is showcased for your design inspiration. Click the image above to view the photo gallery.

Item #GALLERY-3226RB7GCTT20C-088

ColorBlends is our special collection of full lace wigs enhanced with creative color combinations. Each wig is a unique creation, with 2-4 colors blended to provide spectacular color combinations. Our ColorBlends are created mimicking professional salon colors, and often do not coordinate perfectly with standard wig hair color charts, therefore we are unable to provide you with color numbers for the combinations. They are perfect for women who are bored with typical wig color combinations. This gorgeous wig is made of Asian Remy hair, with a Malaysian texture, it moves and flows freely and holds curls well. The hair dries with a deep wave, you can choose to flat iron for a sleek look, but it is not necessary. For added versatility, you can roller set the hair, when wet, for a curlier look, fluff it out for a full look, or add a little non alcohol mousse for a sleek wet look.