Zara.Luxe: African American Relaxed Texture- Natural Color (custom order)

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Availability: Custom order, takes 6-8 weeks for production, once specs are completed and payment is received


Product Description

This incredible wig is made of Chinese Remy Yaki Hair. Why do we use Chinese remy yaki on this wig? Well, quite simply because Chinese Remy yaki is a great option for those seeking an African American texture. The hair is coarse and a good match for relaxed hair. Also, Chinese Remy has a hair strand that is thicker than Indian Remy, which gives a nice thick, coarse texture to the hair. The wig in the photo is curled, with a curling iron, to show you the versatility of an African American textured wig. The hair on this wig is coarse and will hold thermal curls a few days. It is not a permanent curl

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Detail Information

Read This: Custom Order Information

When you order a custom wig, we can help you with any decisions you need to make regarding the construction of your wig. The wig production time begins when you confirm your specifications for your wigs and make payment. You can also begin production on your custom wig with a $250 deposit, click here for info.

Read This: Ventilation Information

This wig is freestyle ventilated, which means the hair can be combed in any direction. This wig may appear with a center, or side part, when styled for photography, but the part is not permanent.


Hair type: Texturized to have a yaki texture that resembles coarse relaxed African American hair. The wig in the photo was styled with a curling iron to produce the soft, loose curls you see. The wig will arrived styled and ready to wear, however, once the wig is shampooed, it will revert to its straight texture.
Hair color: #Natural, uncolored hair, naturally lighter at the tips (you may choose another color) (shown in photo)
Density: Light density at the hairline, heavy density throughout. This is our extra dense density and is a volume of hair very few have naturally. This is a very glamorized look for someone who loves "big hair".
This is the standard way of measuring wig length. The measurement is taken from the crown to the tips of the hair. This measurement is always given when the hair is straight. 26" inches
shown in photo
This measurement is given to allow you to determine how long the wig will be on your body. It is taken from the hairline to the tips of the hair, going over the heads 26-32" layered inches
shown in photo
The length of a wig is measured differently than extension hair, a wig is measured from the crown to the tips of the hair, whereas extensions are the same length all over the head, whether it's the crown or the nape. To have a wig the same length as your extension hair, please add 4 inches. For example, a 16 inch weave equates to a 20 inch wig.