Silk top (hidden knots) added to a custom ordered lace front or full lace wig



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Product Description

Our silk top option is on it's own product page because we want customers to be fully educated about what they are purchasing. Silk top wigs have pros and cons, and we want to make sure that you fully understand what you are going for. When making a wig, there are several options that provide the ability to part the hair and have it look like scalp, silk top is one of them. It is also one of the most labor intensive, and high end construction techniques used in wig making. The cap has a layer of lace, and a layer of silk underneath the lace. The silk hides the knots so that from the top of the wig, you cannot see any knots anywhere!

You may wonder, what's the downside? Well the downside is that it's more expensive and there is a visible line where the silk begins. In some cases, we can pick a silk color that more closely matches your skin color, so that the transition is not obvious, however, people's scalps are usually lighter than their complexion. In the photos you can see the cap construction detail, we try very carefully to make you fully aware of the options for wigmaking so you can make an informed decision. If you understand the pros and cons, a silk top is a good option.

If you've ever looked at a celebrity in a lace front wig, such as Ciara, Beyonce or Tyra Banks and wonder how they get such a perfect looking part, it is because they use a sik top on the crown of their wig.

Another question you may have is can you use a silk cap construction for an entire wig? You can, however, it's incredibly cost prohibitive. It's a popular option for women who have total hair loss and are committed to wearing wigs. We never recommend this for a customer's first or second wig. It is expensive so you should be absolutely sure that you are skilled with handling your wig, and are committed to proper care, before making the additional investment.

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Detail Information

Read This: Ventilation Information

This wig is freestyle ventilated, which means the hair can be combed in any direction. This wig may appear with a center, or side part, when styled for photography, but the part is not permanent.


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Baby hairs:around entire perimeter
This is the standard way of measuring wig length. The measurement is taken from the crown to the tips of the hair. This measurement is always given when the hair is straight. inches
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This measurement is given to allow you to determine how long the wig will be on your body. It is taken from the hairline to the tips of the hair, going over the heads inches
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The length of a wig is measured differently than extension hair, a wig is measured from the crown to the tips of the hair, whereas extensions are the same length all over the head, whether it's the crown or the nape. To have a wig the same length as your extension hair, please add 4 inches. For example, a 16 inch weave equates to a 20 inch wig.