Indian Remy Coarse Silky Texture Full Lace Wig- Medium

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Item #GALLERY-101CC03000020M-AK-09061501

This gorgeous wig is made of Indian Remy hair, sleek and straight, with a slight bend, it moves and flows freely and holds curls well. The hair dries straight, with a slight wave, you can choose to flat iron for a sleek look, but it is not necessary. For added versatility, you can roller set the hair, when wet, for a curly or wavy look. This wig is made of coarse silky hair, it's not quite silky, and not quite African American texture, but a nice texture that blends the two. This wig is made of super soft "flex" lace. The lace is soft and very fine, but has a slight bit of give to it. It's not quite stretch, but it's not exactly rigid either. This lace is not recommended for first time lace wig wearers and is best left to those who are skilled with application and removal, so that the lace is not stretched out of shape. This wig began as a natural, uncolored unit, which was lifted to create a very pretty shade of reddish brown. The wig has color variations reminiscent of sun-kissed hair.