Asian Remy Dominican Curl Glueless Full Lace Wig with Silk Top - #1 (Jet Black) (in stock)

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Item #GALLERYC445876

Asian Remy Malaysian Texture is a special hair type that we carry, of Asian origin, that resembles what many other wig retailers claim is "Malaysian" hair. The hair is thick and has gorgeous body, and gives a believable textured look. The hair flows extremely well and works with roller sets, thermal curls, or flat ironing.

Dominican Curly: This is one of the most sought after textures, because it really looks like well maintained natural hair with a medium size curl pattern. Typically we make this texture with Chinese hair because it withstands processing from root to tip, and even some coloring. Dominican curl hair is not carefree and often requires a small collection of maintenance products to manage. At minimum, you will need a great conditioner, a leave in conditioner and a styling product specifically for curly hair, to keep the hair moisturized and "tamed". Dominican curl hair can also be fluffed out for the wild and funky look, or slightly flat ironed or thermally curled for a looser, bigger curl.

A glueless lace wig has all the benefits of full lace, without the need for adhesive. Using a combination of wig combs, clips and adjustable straps, you can get a secure fit without bonding. Glueless lace wigs have some limitations, because of the lack of perimeter bonding, the wig usually cannot be worn in a high ponytail, but can be worn in an updo and many other styles. Many women choose glueless lace wigs to avoid using adhesive on their natural hair. You can also have a stylist attach a lace wig using a sew-in technique or micro links. A glueless method is the best option for clients concerned about hairline thinning, perimeter hair loss, or who want the versatility of a full lace wig without having to manage bonding.