*HighDensity* Genuine Malaysian Remy Full Lace Wig- Dark Brown with Blonde Highlights

This item is not currently available for sale and is showcased for your design inspiration. Click the image above to view the photo gallery.

Item #GALLERY-HD-601CB19320MIK

This incredible wig is made of Malaysian Remy hair. Malaysian remy hair lightens beautifully and creates a good blonde while maintaining a thick hair strand. The hair is is straight, but has slight texture and a good match for relaxed hair or naturally straight hair. This is not a good match for someone with very fine hair. This hair is versatile and can be air dried and worn straight, flat ironed for a sleek look, or roller set or thermally curled for a beautiful curly texture.

This wig is colored with a blend of honey and golden blondes, caramel browns, and dark brown roots.

This hair has been thermally curled for photography. The curls can be achieved with a 1.5 inch ceramic curling iron (tongs).
This is a beautiful wig and if you are the owner, please treat it with care. Use quality shampoos and conditioners and keep the use of heat to a minimum. This wig can be worn straight, with a natural slight wave, roller set, curled or flat ironed.