Color.Blends: Indian Remy Body Wave Full Lace Wig- Custom Colored Brown

This item is not currently available for sale and is showcased for your design inspiration. Click the image above to view the photo gallery.


ColorBlends is our collection of custom colored wigs. Starting with a base color, usually uncolored hair, our stylists create custom blends of colors for a dazzling effect. Each wig is individually colored, for unique color effects that are difficult to produce in a factory, providing custom salon color in a ready-made wig.

This beautiful wig is made of Indian remy hair, textured with a full, lush bodywave. For added versatility, you can roller set the hair, when wet, for a curlier look, fluff it out for a full look, or add a little non alcohol mousse for a sleek wet look. This wig would be absolutely amazing, cut into a layered style, for a full, beautiful look.

The bottom layer of the wig is a deep, rich chocolate brown. The top layer is a honey golden blonde, with slightly darker roots, for a layered colored effect. The top of the wig has very subtle highlights, bringing out the gold in the blonde hair color. Overall, the layered, colored effect is visually stunning. This wig is a great option for someone who looks fabulous with blonde hair, but wants a little more versatility in color, and loves a deep wave.

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