Zara.Luxe: African American Relaxed Texture- Natural Color Large

This item is not currently available for sale and is showcased for your design inspiration. Click the image above to view the photo gallery.

Item #GALLERY-67510326LC

This incredible wig is made of Chinese Remy hair. Why do we use Chinese remy on this wig? Well, quite simply because Chinese Remy is a great option for those seeking an African American texture. The hair is coarse and a good match for relaxed hair. Also, Chinese Remy has a hair strand that is thicker than Indian Remy, which gives a nice thick, coarse texture to the hair. The wig in the photo is curled, with a roller set on damp hair, to show you the versatility of a wig. The hair on this wig is coarse and will hold curls a few days. It is not a permanent curl.

We have photos showing this beautiful unit straight, and curled, so you can get a great idea of the versatility. The hair can also be colored, but we recommend consulting a professional colorist, should you desire to go that route.