Virgin Genuine Malaysian Remy Full Lace Wig- Natural Color (ships in 2 weeks)

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Product Description

Gorgeous full lace wig made of genuine, authentic Malaysian remy hair. We don't get much Malaysian remy, as it's not abundantly available, as Indian and many other Asian textures are. However, we are absolutely delighted to offer this wig to you. It's nearly impossible to convey the differences in hair texture in photographs, because when the wigs are of similar color, it's really hard to tell the difference with a photo. This wig consists of hair from a single donor, obviously a woman with a gorgeous head of hair when you consider wigs are at least 4" shorter than the hair length you're working with. So this donor had at least 26" of beautiful hair!

The hair is thick, and coarse, and is coarser towards the tips, just as you would expect extra long hair to be. The hair is a bit lighter at the tips, and throughout the wig in certain spots, sun kissed with lighter shades. This is a beautiful wig and if you are the owner, please treat it with care. Use quality shampoos and conditioners (longer hair is older hair and requires better care).

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Detail Information

Read This: Ventilation Information

This wig is freestyle ventilated, which means the hair can be combed in any direction. This wig may appear with a center, or side part, when styled for photography, but the part is not permanent.


Hair type: Genuine, authentic, virgin, unprocessed Malaysian remy hair
Hair color: Natural, uncolored hair, close to a #2, with naturally lighter tips (shown in photo)
Density: Light density at the hairline, medium density throughout. This is our standard density and most resembles an average head of biological hair.
Cap size:Medium: circumference: 22.5 front to nape: 14.5 ear to ear over hairline/across forehead: 12.5 ear to ear over top: 12.5 temple to temple around back: 14.5 nape: 5
Cap construction:Fine Luxe lace with a stretch panel, this wig can be worn in a high ponytail.
Lace color:transparent lace
Baby hairs:around entire perimeter
Knots:single knots, lightened at hairline
This is the standard way of measuring wig length. The measurement is taken from the crown to the tips of the hair. This measurement is always given when the hair is straight. 20-24 inches
shown in photo
This measurement is given to allow you to determine how long the wig will be on your body. It is taken from the hairline to the tips of the hair, going over the heads 24-28 inches layered inches
shown in photo
The length of a wig is measured differently than extension hair, a wig is measured from the crown to the tips of the hair, whereas extensions are the same length all over the head, whether it's the crown or the nape. To have a wig the same length as your extension hair, please add 4 inches. For example, a 16 inch weave equates to a 20 inch wig.