Nearly Natural Luxury Starter Kit for Wigs, Hairpieces & Hair Systems

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Product Description

At Zara Wigs we have always held the philosophy that you can't just put anything on a hair replacement unit. We use quality hair and we believe that people invest in our units, as opposed to dispose of them. We have always instructed customers to use quality hair care products, to care for the hair, because it requires proper care if you want it to last. Caring for hair is an additional expense, but it is never a bad habit to develop. Without exception, we know that the customers who balk at caring for the hair on a hairpiece or wig usually did not take good care of their own hair, so we believe in adapting the habit of quality hair care.

A significant component of quality hair care is quality product.
We tested the Nearly Natural collection, for months, before offering it for sale. The Argan Oil shampoo, is absolutely fabulous, you can feel the difference in the hair, immediately upon using the product. It creates a smooth, soft finish and moisturizes the hair tremendously. The conditioner is one of the best conditioners available for hairpieces and extensions, and works beautifully when used with a heating cap.

When using Nearly Natural on curly hair, you really won't need any styling or finishing products, it's just that good!

The Softening Solution is a wonder product that should be a staple for every hair wearer. When used in combination with the conditioner, it allows deeper penetration into the hair.

The Argan Oil Hydrating Serum revitalizes hair that is a little dry, especially at the ends, and helps tame flyaway hair and those pesky return hairs! It works beautifully on all textures, whether silky straight, or kinky curly, and is light and penetrating without leaving an oily residue.

Don't let the price deter you from purchasing, this starter kit will take your hair care regime to an entirely new level!

NearlyNatural® hair care products are pH balanced to provide the optimal balance needed for exceptional manageable hair. The pH of hair products is one of the least known but most important characteristics of hair care products to determine the look and feel that you expect. You should always use a product that is pH balanced for optimal feel and styling.

Facts about pH that you should know about your hair care products:

Average hair pH is 5.0 - 5.5 Optimal pH range for hair products (4 to 6) An acidic shampoo or conditioner (pH below
6.9) causes the hair cuticle to lay down resulting in a smooth manageable hair. An alkaline shampoo or conditioner (pH above
7.1) causes the cuticle to raise resulting in tangled unmanageable hair

Set contains:
Includes 10oz bottle Argan Oil Shampoo, 10 oz bottle Argan Oil Conditioner, 1.7 oz Argan Oil Hydrating Serum, 4 oz Softening Solution.

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Detail Information

Read This: Ventilation Information

This wig is freestyle ventilated, which means the hair can be combed in any direction. This wig may appear with a center, or side part, when styled for photography, but the part is not permanent.


Hair type:
Hair color: (shown in photo)
Cap size:
Cap construction:
Lace color:
Baby hairs:around entire perimeter
This is the standard way of measuring wig length. The measurement is taken from the crown to the tips of the hair. This measurement is always given when the hair is straight. inches
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This measurement is given to allow you to determine how long the wig will be on your body. It is taken from the hairline to the tips of the hair, going over the heads inches
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The length of a wig is measured differently than extension hair, a wig is measured from the crown to the tips of the hair, whereas extensions are the same length all over the head, whether it's the crown or the nape. To have a wig the same length as your extension hair, please add 4 inches. For example, a 16 inch weave equates to a 20 inch wig.