Custom Curl Blonde Full Lace Wig

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Item #GALLERY-SR-BL-curly-perm

When we first started Zara Wigs, we did a lot of custom curling. It's difficult to get a true spiral curl using the process most factories use to curl lace wigs, so we stashed up on a variety of perm rods and curled the wigs in-house. Our perm rod collection is pretty impressive, we even have antiquated rods from the 1970s and 1980s that aren't made anymore. We use a special technique, to set the hair, that creates a springy and firm curl. As a result, it's a long, tedious process that takes approximately 1-2 weeks to fully set, depending upon the length and density of the hair. This creates a firm curl, that holds for a long time,without "dropping" to a wave pattern. Our customer supplied this wig. It's a heavy density blonde unit, this particular unit had a monofilament cap (which is sturdier and lasts longer). We no longer curl wigs that we don't sell, but we hope to get back into custom curling our stock collection of wigs. It's the only true way to achieve a true spiral curl on light brown and blonde shades, as you know, most factories are unable to achieve a spiral curl on these light colors.