Luscious Locks, Local Salon Higlights Star Style Hair Extensions

A misconception many people have is that extensions are primarily used by black women. Many women wear extensions to achieve longer lengths, more fullness, and interesting color blends, without the use of harsh chemicals. A local San Francisco news channel recently featured celebrity-like hair extensions. Lace front wigs are a great alternative to extensions, taking […]

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Naomi Campbell’s Shocking Bald Spot

The supermodel left onlookers stunned as she revealed a huge bald patch beneath her long luscious wig while on a fashion shoot for designer Dennis Basso in New York. The 40-year-old has revealed signs of a vanishing hairline before, but the true extent of the problem was put on show as she held her hair […]

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Staci Static on Lace Front Wigs

This edition of Static Style is devoted to lace front wigs. Ladies, I am in no way against you wearing them for convenience and even medical reasons but sometimes you just don’t get it. Also, just because you have a wig doesn’t mean you have to wear it all day and sleep in it and […]

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Paparazzi: Does John Travolta Actually Need a Better Wig?

Celebrity photographer cameras, with high zoom lenses and outrageously large photographs, often catch every flaw, even the ones normal eyes can’t see. John Travolta was recently captured with the lace showing on his hairpiece. But from far away, you can barely tell! Read more at

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