Zarawigs Authorized Consultant in Southern California: Zarawigs full lace and lace front wigs Consultation in Southern California: Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Orange County, Long Beach


Jeanette is a Certified Lace Wig Consultant for Southern California. Jeanette travels throughout San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange County to meet with potential customers to provide consultations, take measurements and give product demonstrations. If you are undecided about ordering a full lace or lace front wig, we welcome you to make an appointment with Jeanette and she will visit you, consult with you on selecting the best lace wig for your needs, as well as take measurements, or make a wig template to place your custom or stock wig order. Please note we do charge a non-refundable fee for appointments, but we do apply the appointment fee towards your purchase, when you place your order.

We know that the idea of purchasing a wig, sight unseen, over the internet, can be intimidating and uncertain. At, we are working to build a team of Certified consultants to cover certain geographic areas. Jeanette has been working, behind the scenes, at for some time, and we are excited to offer her consultation and application services to our clientele in Southern California.

When you meet with Jeanette, you can:
  • View a selection of wigs so you can find the best wig style to meet your needs
  • View our color ring, to create a wig color palette that suits your skin tone
  • View a lace chart so you can finally see, in person, the difference between French and Swiss lace, thin skin, etc,
  • Have your head measured by someone with experience
  • Discuss your wishes and desires and get advice on selecting the best combination of length, color and texture to achieve the look you want
  • Have your wig applied by someone with experience and receive training on wig care

    When you order from Jeanette, you do not pay a higher price than we charge on the website. We do charge an appointment fee to cover the cost of the consultation, as well as to ensure that all our appointments are with serious clients. When you place your order, your appointment fee will be applied to your order, in which case, your consultation is technically "free".

    Jeanette can be reached at 866-ZARA-WIG.