Hair Thinning Solutions: Your options for enhancing thinnig hair, without causing more hair loss

A lace front wig, full lace wig, hairpiece, frontal or hair replacement patch is commonly used to conceal hair thinning or loss. Sometimes, women have hair thinning and are not looking to conceal the area, but add volume. There are several hair enhancement options suitable for thinning hair, but there is no one size fits most solution.

Hair thinning requires a one-on-one consultation, with a stylist experienced in working with clients who have hair thinning. Several factors determine the best solution including:

  • Amount of thinning
  • Density of remaining hair
  • Whether thinning is temporary or permanent
  • Hair color (for example, if you're coloring to cover gray)
  • Hair condition (health and strength)
  • Hair length
  • Hair texture

As a manufacturer, we can create a variety of hair enhancement options, to add volume and fullness to thinning hair, but each solution is crafted to suit the needs of the client. Some clients may be candidates for non-damaging hair extensions, while others may be candidates for integration units (and we step "outside of the box" when it comes to integration units). Other women may find that a concealment option (such as a topper, hairpiece or hair replacement patch) is the best option.

We custom craft a solution to match your hair texture, color, density and length. You can work directly with us, by visiting our retail store, making an appointment with one of our consultants, or working with one of our authorized salons. If you're an experienced hair wearer, and know exactly what you want, we may be able to work with you remotely.

The most important thing to understand about integrating hair with your biological hair, is that the work of a stylist is essential in nearly all cases. Whether the stylist is blending and coloring the hair to match your own, custom perming to match your curl pattern, or cutting and layering the hair to blend seamlessly with your biological hair, that added touch really makes the difference that creates a flawless look.

Some clients are fortunate to have fairly simple needs where they can wear hair "as-is" directly from the factory, but most are not. It becomes difficult to get adjust to the concept of a hair enhancement option still needing "work" from a stylist, but this is truly how you achieve the best integration with your biological hair.