Custom Orders: Lace wig, frontal, hairpiece and topper custom ordering information

We receive a lot of questions about our custom lace wig order process, so this page was created to thoroughly explain the custom order process. It's long, but informative.

All orders, custom or stock, must be placed online!
I know, I know, some people love to speak to a live person to order, but honestly, it creates too much room for error working via telephone and email. Online ordering is more organized and it puts your order in our system immediately, for easy access to review and produce your specs. If you're not quite ready to pay, we offer the ability to order online and pay later, so if you are not comfortable entering your card online, you do not have to. Keeping in mind that the wig is not sent in for production until a payment is made (deposit or full payment).

We can always make modifications to an order placed online, but initially placing the order online helps provide a foundation for discussion and review.

We do not have lay-a-way, but you can pay a deposit to start production
Most people don't know this, but as a retailer, you can't just decide to offer lay-a-way any way you want. Most states have strict laws and regulations concerning lay-a-way and payment plans and many sites offering it are offering it outside the parameters of state regulation. We don't offer lay-a-way or payment plans for that reason, it's really complicated and laborious to do it legally and correctly. What we offer is the option of paying a deposit of $250 per wig, to begin production, and the balance when the wig is ready to ship.

How do you do this? Well, no matter how you order, your order will still show the full wig amount, because that is the purchase price for the item. If you want to pay a $250 deposit, you can select this option during checkout. Your order will be placed online and you can contact us with your payment information.

There is no automated way to do this with PayPal. You would just need to complete your order and send payment to the email address in your order confirmation email (we would put it here, but then the spam crawlers would pick it up).

Once your completed order is in our system, we usually send it in for production the next business day
If your order is in our system and complete (completed specs and payment received), we usually send it in for production the next business day. If your order is incomplete, for example if we are waiting for photos, templates or other items, it is not sent in for production until it is complete. Please keep in mind, the wig production time begins when the order is complete, not when it is initiated. If the wig takes 5-7 weeks to produce, and it takes you 2 weeks to send in your template, the production time begins after the order is complete.

Once your order is sent for production, we cannot make changes or cancellations
That one is pretty easy to understand. It creates a lot of confusion, and potential production problems, to change an order after it has been sent for production. Not to mention, each change can delay the production of your wig by one week.

All order status updates are provided via email

Rush order availability is specific to the product
When rush ordering is available, it will be noted for each product. At certain times of the year, we are unable to offer rush ordering. This is usually during peak order times (such as November/December) and holidays in the country of production (such as Chinese New Year). We really try to keep our production timely and efficient and only provide it for those wigs for which a rush order option is available. At some points in time, we may not offer rush ordering at all. There is an extra charge for rush orders, where applicable.

Please note, that if there was no rush order option available for your wig, we don't have one. Placing an order and asking for your wig to be completed in a shorter time frame usually won't change things. We don't want to be mean, but the reality is that there are all sorts of things that can happen during the wig production process. The time frame posted on our product pages is one that we are comfortable with, and trying to rush it usually creates problems. Yes, there are websites that offer a rushed production time, but we don't aim to match their time frame. We like to give production times that are feasible and realistic for us.

After your order is complete, we may not have any updates for you for the first week or two
Once your order is sent for production, it usually takes us 1-2 weeks to receive an estimated completion date for your wig. Most of the time we try to get the information quickly, but the production has to be scheduled and once scheduled, we receive an estimated completion date.