Lace front wig buyer's guide

Many customers have trouble choosing between the many options available when ordering a stock or custom lace front wig. At, we hope to provide you with a guide that helps you make a decision. The first obvious question is whether to get a stock or custom made wig.

Stock lace front wig or custom full lace wig. Which one is right for you?

  Buy stock if Buy custom if
Measurements You can fit the standard stock wig measurements You have an irregular head size that can never fit stock wig sizes
Hairline You have an average hairline that can be adequately concealed by lace front wigs You have sideburns, a widows peak, defined temples or any other particulars that are not covered by standard wig hairlines
Color You want basic colors or color combinations You desire extremely unique color combinations
Density Light-to-medium density is fine for you You want very light or heavy density on your lace front wig
Timeline You need a wig urgently You have time to wait
Cap construction The standard, french lace, or french lace with a stretch panel, is fine for you You want silk top, thin skin, monofilament, adjustable tabs, wig clips, or other such modifications to the cap construction




Guide to custom lace front wig cap construction

Once you have opted to choose a custom made wig, the cap construction alone can present many options. The majority of our customers choose a french lace wig with a stretch panel, even though there are many other options. We review a few of the options for you, along with the pros and cons.
  Choose this if Do not choose this if
French lace This is your first wig purcahse There really is no reason not to choose French lace, even seasoned wig wearers still purchase French lace.
Swiss lace You are experienced with wig application and removal and can properly remove and apply your unit without pulling or tearing the lace You do not have much experience with wig application and removal
Silk Top You want to part your wig at the crown, to have a natural looking scalp, and do not mind the additional expense You do not know what a silk top looks like. You may not like it
Monofilament You have hair loss and do not need much stretch, or give, in your cap. Monofilament is also not as breathable as lace, and works better for people who have hair loss You do not know what monofilament looks, or feels, like
Adjustable taps You wear your hair down and do not like having to glue or tape the wig down at the nape You are obsessed with wearing "high ponytails".
Wig clips You have little hair loss and want to secure the wig to your hair to avoid reliance on adhesives You have hair loss around the perimeter or have heavy breakage
Stretch lace panel You want some flexibility in your cap fit. This is especially important if you are growing your hair. You have total hair loss. Additionally, if you are a seasoned wearer and are sure of your measurements, ordering a cap with no stretch is a good option.
Thin skin You want better adhesion at the nape. We usually will not make a wig with a thin skin hairline as they are difficult to create with a natural appearance. You live in hot and humid weather conditions. You have not seen thin skin before.