What are my options if I don't want to use adhesive to attach my full-lace wig?

An adhesive bond is the best option for someone who intends to wear their wig continuously for one to two weeks. For customers who want to remove their wig nightly before going to sleep, using adhesive would wear out a unit faster because of the constant application and re-application of adhesives, solvents and removers. Customers who are looking for a quick application and who plan on removing their wig nightly, can choose wig combs, clips, or a thin skin perimeter, and can combine one or more of those options with adjustable straps at the nape to achieve a wig that's as easy to remove as a headwrap or a hat.

Not all customers choose to use an adhesive bond on their full-lace wig, but it is the most popular attachment method because most customers want to put it on once and not have to worry about it for a while. In addition, if you have hair loss or severe thinning around the perimeter, wig clips and other mechanical attachment methods could potentially worsen that condition. It could, over time, pull out your hairs a few at a time and three to six months down the road, you start to notice a pattern of hair loss where the clips are located.

A third option that is becoming increasingly popular is sewing a lace front wig to a cornrowed pattern on the hair. This is a popular option for women who are accustomed to sewn in weaves, the stylist creates a circular braid pattern and creates an "anchor" cornrow that the lace wig is attached to. This keeps the lace wig securely in place, with occasional "tacking" with double sided tape around the hairline.

We work with each client to help them select the attachment method that is best for their lifestyle, hair care regime and desired outcome.