Why don't you have blonde in stock?

We try to stock a few blonde choices for customers, but the most difficult part about blonde is that there are far too many shades. Some customers are golden blonde, or strawberry blonde, while others are ash blonde or platinum blonde. It never fits the right person at the right time. Brunettes are pretty easy- they are either dark or light. It's straightforward.

Most of the time, blonde needs to be custom ordered. Another reason is an interesting observation: most blonde women we asee are "bottled blondes" and as such, have highlights or lowlights, dark roots, and other nuances that make it impossible to match them to something in-stock. For our blonde customers, we offer three options:

1- custom order from our color ring
2- order Pre.Lightened hair and have your stylist color it
3- give us a swatch from your current extensions and have us duplicate it