About the types of hair we offer at Zara Wigs

At the time of this writing, we offer hair from six sources: 


As noted above, the categories are separated, but they are separated for a reason. Indian, Chinese and Burmese are the textures we process for curl, color and texture. If you want an African American Relaxed Texture, Kinky Curl, Kinky Straight, 22mm curl, etc., those are the textures we will use and steer you towards. The other three textures cost more. A lot more. As such, we normally don't process them for texture, sometimes we process them for color. 

We color Mongolian units commonly, Brazilian and Malaysian we tend to only sell in its virgin state (completely unprocessed). Why? Good question. First, let's start off with this one notion sometimes when you see hair described online it's not exactly accurate. We see tons of "brazilian curl" sold as Brazilian Remy. We have also seen #4 sold as "virgin". Far too confusing for the typical consumer. 

Our philosophy at Zara Wigs is simple: the more expensive the hair, the less you should process it. Period. Why don't we curl or texturize Mongolian, Malaysian and Brazilian hair? Why bother? Get the less expensive Indian, Chinese or Burmese because most people cannot feel the difference anyway. Curling it? Pick the less expensive texture because you really won't be able to discern any appreciable difference. Why take expensive hair and process it when it won't feel or behave any differently than less expensive hair? You're destroying the natural properties of the hair with processing, whether it's for curl or texture.

Another reason we're being upfront about the process is we've seen customers order things and we know they're not getting what they asked for. When you ask for Brazilian Remy to be processed to have a kinky curl #4, we know the manufacturer is likely to substitute with another texture. The hair costs us more, it costs them more, it costs you more. The price for raw Brazilian hair is so expensive that no one is foolish enough to process it, to that extent, when another texture is a fine substitute. 

So, we don't even offer it. 

We really try to match texture and color with hair origin. For us, Brazilian and Malaysian are best left in their natural state. Coloring that type of hair is perfectly fine, however, we recommend the hair is colored by a stylist, not by the factory. A stylist is more concerned about color depth, integrity and balance, a factory is more concerned about uniformity. We do color Mongolian hair at the factory, because it colors beautifully and with the thick hair strands, it doesn't affect the hair quality much.

For texture, we keep people in Indian, Burmese and Chinese. Especially African American textures. Most clients, when they feel the hair, prefer Burmese or Chinese for African American Relaxed texture, or Kinky Straight. We prefer Chinese for Kinky Curl, because it holds up well for small diameter curling.