Is this human hair?

I'm really surprised we get this question often. I thought it was just a given that every customer understood that we only sell human hair, and not just "human hair" but top grade human hair, at that. At Zara Wigs, we absolutely, positively, do not sell synthetic hair.


We sell 100% human hair, not human/synthetic blends, nor blended with any other fiber. We carry hair sourced from India, China, Malaysia, etc., and it's all human. We also sell top grade (A) human hair.

But what does that mean?

Like anything else, hair is graded for quality, just as you have seen people with better quality hair, better cared for hair, donor hair is no different. The lower grades/qualities of hair are more abundant, and sold for less money. The higher qualities are not as abundant and cost significantly more, sometimes 2-3 times more (or more than that). This is part of the reason our product costs more.