The hair on my wig looks dry, what do I do?

One of the things we deal with, is perception management. Most people who purchase a wig, or extensions, are wearing hair that they don't naturally grow. Women are bombarded with commercials, advertisements and presentations of hair that are false. Whether it's a shampoo commercial showing unnatural shiny hair, or a color commercial showing someone going from a dark brunette to a light blonde with full luxurious hair, we often don't have a realistic perception of what daily hair management should be like.

When someone says the hair looks dry, we have to clarify whether they mean dull or dry. People use those terms synonymously. Mostly becuase that's what companies selling a product will tell you. It's possible for shiny hair to be dry and for dull hair to not be dry. The amount of sheen hair has is not dependent upon the moisture.

If your wig has a light color, or an ash color, it may look dull. Just as the color #1 (jet black) looks much shinier than #1B (off black), or silky hair looks shinier than hair processed to resemble African American Relaxed texture. Glossers and other hair polishing products will restore shine to the hair. This does not mean the hair is dry, it can simply be a factor of the effect of light upon the hair. If your hair is truly dry, it feels dry. Moisture is the best remedy for this, not oil.

So maybe you feel that we haven't answered the question. Most of our customers who believe the hair is dry are actually dealing with dull hair. They have a perception issue. For instance, we have had a handful of customers complain that a bodywave or curly Indian Remy wig was "nappy." The hair is naturally straight, processed with a curly or wavy texture, it's impossible that the hair is actually "nappy." Perception issue. It could be "poufy" it could be "big" but not actually nappy.