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We've noticed something recently about a lot of our visitors, you view the website a lot, and over a long period of time, before deciding to buy. Noticing that, we have decided to tell you a little bit about us:

About the Product

Anything we do at Zara wigs leads from a commitment to creating a high quality product. That is not an easy task. In fact, it's a finger biting, hair-pulling, gut wrenching, sometimes sick to my stomach task because it is not without pitfall.

When we first started, it was always about creating a great product and bringing something new to the lace wig market. We did a lot of that through color, curl and quality. As lace wigs grew in popularity, the manufacturing of lace wigs shifted dramatically. Increased demand, coupled with rising labor costs meant that a lot of factories/wigmakers would start taking short cuts.

It got harder and harder to maintain quality standards.

Factories that committed themselves to quality, when faced with price erosion in the market, pulled back from lace wigs and began focusing on the Caucasian/Jewish wig market, where prices and profit margins were still good. Corners were cut in lace wigs.

It got harder and harder to maintain quality standards.

Each year, more than once we had to revamp our production specifications, and quality standards, to keep pace with rapid changes in manufacturing as the wigmakers adapt to changing market trends. Maintaining a quality product, while the remainder of the market is going cheaper and cheaper in price (and quality).

We're one of the few companies that actually imports our own hair for manufacture of wigs. That, in and of itself, can make a huge difference in quality because we pay more to assure higher quality hair than a wigmaker, which has to control costs, will. We also don't accept manufacturing shortcuts that drastically reduce labor cost but affect quality.

We reject/remake a lot of custom orders that don't quite hold up to our standards. We're not the least expensive, and we can't even claim to be the best as the best really is a factor of price and to truly be the best, we would have to charge a lot more money to ensure that we were able to cover the cost of more expensive manufacturing techniques. There are places where you will spend a lot more money and receive a better product, and there are places that charge a lot more and we're right up there in terms of quality.

We offer great quality for the price. And we are committed to that.

About the Company

Zarawigs.com is owned by me, Michelle. When I started the business, I tried to give everyone excellent customer service, even if that meant talking on the phone for an hour or more, consulting a single customer on a wig. Many of these customers, just wanted to hear the answers to their questions from a live person :)

Eventually, it became too much for me to handle the customer service and run the business (so sorry to my old customers), but I had to have someone take that over so I could just focus on the back end of the business.

Jeanette is our Operations Manager and handles consultations, escelated customer service issues, payment transactions, and makes sure things run smoothly.

Sometimes phone consultations take an hour or more, so while one customer is getting one-on-one service, the person calling 4 times an hour doesn't get through :)

Weíve experimented with having other staff on hand to answer calls and thatís a double edged sword: people appreciate the ability to speak to a live person when they call, but are frustrated when they have a detailed question that person canít answer.

We really try to provide a good customer experience before and after purchase, from the quality of the product, to the care we take with packaging and shipping. Having said that, there is no business in manufacturing with zero defects. Things can go wrong, I'll be perfectly honest. It would be misleading to act as though nothing ever goes wrong and every wig is perfect. When this does happen, we do our best to resolve every issue, but it doesn't happen overnight.

So having said that, here's a brief overview of things:

We do offer an exchange policy, if you have not altered the wig, whether you have ordered a stock wig or a custom wig. You can exchange your wig for a stock or a custom wig, of similar specification. However, if you decide to get a custom wig as an exchange, we cannot expedite the manufacturing time.

Once you alter the wig, we cannot exchange it.

If you perform any chemical services on the wig and this includes color, curly perming, or any ill-advised treatments you may read about on a message board, we absolutely do not cover any resulting damage to the wig.

If your wig suffers wear and tear over time, we do offer repair services. We do not personally quote the cost of repairs and so we will not know the cost of the repair until your wig is returned to our wigmakers, inspected and quoted. We only charge our cost plus shipping.

I hope that gives you a little insight about us, and we look forward to hearing from you if you ever have any questions or concerns.



PS: A lot of people ask where we're located. We're located in the city of American Canyon, which is considered the "gateway" to Wine Country, in Northern California. Our office is in an office building that houses many other professional businesses, most of which cater to other businesses, not consumers. As such, we're not zoned for retail or walk in clients, and we don't accept them at our office location. (Maybe one day, I'll post photos of the building, which is actually quite huge, even though we don't occupy most of the space there.

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