Kosher Wigs, Jewish Wigs and Sheitels

We can provide custom made Jewish wigs (Sheitels) for customers. These are made from Mongolian or European remy hair and come with a Kosher certification. The factory is inspected every 2 months, for compliance, by a Rabbi from Israel.

Indian remy hair is not used for Sheitels because of the concerns over hair being sacrificed for religious reasons (temple hair). Because it is not possible to guarantee that the Indian hair does not contain any temple hair, our Sheitels are made from Mongolain or other Asian Remy.

Chinese remy hair can be used, but is often too thick for most European descent customers. It is not preferred by most customers ordering Sheitels.

Most base/cap constructions for Sheitels are silk top, machine wefted back. If the client is ordering Mongolian remy, our standard prices apply. If they are looking for European hair, this is custom quoted as hair prices change often, European hair is extremely expensive and we don't make European remy wigs often. When ordering a Sheitel, please be sure to put this in the order notes so that the kosker certificate will be provided with the wig.