What's the longest length wig you can make?

Sometimes, customers have requests for very long wigs. Typically, this is more feasible when we're sourcing Virgin Chinese Remy hair. Most virgin Chinese hair, of very long lengths, comes from women who work in villages. It's possible to source hair as long as 4-5 feet, but it is expensive. Most of our wigs top out at 26-28 inches. There are instances where we go up to 32 inches, but we're sourcing that hair specifically for the order. For wigs longer than that, we have few hair sources, but hair that length is much more expensive because it's harder to come by, and also becuase there isn't as much demand for it, to drive prices down.

Now that we have discussed that part, we want to bring up another issue: workmanship. It's difficult for wigmakers to ventilate very long hair. Sometimes, it breaks as they are pulling the hair through, after making the knot, it requires substantially more time to make the wig, and there's also some risk involved. When going for a super long wig, you may want to consider other options. We recommend using a blend of hand knotting, around the hairline, at the front and top, and machine wefting in the back. We also suggest looking at a fine mono cap, throughout the crown, so that the weight of long hair isn't pulling on the lace. Keep t he lace limited to the hairline area, and the first 2-3 inches of the wig base, for a natural appearance, then use a combination of other workmanship techniques, and cap construction, to achieve durability and practicality.

For obvious reasons, we recommend using uncolored hair, but if you must color it, stick to darker shades. Very long hair is older hair and may not hold up well to lightening to shades of light brown, red or blonde, especially the last 12-18 inches.

At zarawigs.com, we have a lot of experience in sourcing hair and working closely with wigmakers, to achieve quality production with special orders and special requests.