Reverse Triple Knots, Invisible Knots Silk Top Full Lace Wig

This is one of those terms that can have an arbitrary meaning, depending on the context of the person you're speaking with. Most wigmakers understand Reverse Triple Knots to be the ventilation technique used on a silk top wig, but if this is what you're ordering, please be sure that you both have the same understanding. A silk top wig is made with two layers of lace (mostly French lace, since Swiss lace is usually too delicate for this technique) with a layer of silk fabric in the middle. The knot is underneath the silk top, and you cannot see it from the the top, nor the underside, of the lace front wig. This provides the most realistic "scalp" look possible, however it also has some drawbacks:

  • A silk top wig is more expensive. The labor required to make the cap and ventilate the wig, increases dramatically. Also, typically the most skilled wigmakers are the only ones proficient at this ventilation technique. The cost is much higher. At, we don't even take a markup on this cost, what we charge you for a silk top is what we pay for a silk top.
  • There is a visible line where the lace ends and the silk begins. There's no way to avoid this, but you can make it less noticeable by having both the lace and the silk tinted to be as close to your skin complexion as possible. This allows for better blending.
  • It's typically limited to a small portion of the crown. Our typical areas for a silk top on a lace front wig are 4 x 4 and 5 x 5, anything larger and the price increases dramatically.