Wig ventilation technique photos

Widow's peak

This is a curved widow's peak and is our hairline standard for custom wigs ordered with a widow's peak

Reverse ventilated baby hair

This is what reverse ventilated baby hair looks like. While some customers prefer this look, the downisde is that the baby hair is ventilated in one direction and cannot be pulled into another direction. You can use styling product to move the hair back, off the face, but the hair will have a tendency to fall back towards the face when dry. Choose this if you are firm on having your wig's baby hair fall towards your face. Some people believe this ventilation technique gives the wig hairline a more natural look, others believe it makes it more apparent that it's a wig.

Reverse ventilated baby hair

This is reverse ventilated baby hair on a silk top wig.

Adjustable tabs on a lace front wig

This wig has a light colored stretch panel in the rear along with adjustable tabs. For our customers who don't really care to wear their wigs in a high ponytail, this is a great option that eliminates the need to use adhesive at the nape. You can still wear your wig in a low upsweep, but not a high ponytail.