What color lace is best suited to my skin tone?

The color of lace, on your lace front or full lace wig, depends on a few factors. First and foremost, the best lace front wig applications are usually camouflaged by makeup at the hairline and where the hair is parted. This is truly how you get a natural appearance because even though lace blends with the skin, certain lighting conditions can show the lace on your wig.

Most women prefer to get a lace color close to their skin tone, this is the best option if you don't want to experiment with using makeup (concealer) to camouflage the lace, then it's best to select a shade that blends with your skin tone. If you plan to use makeup, then you should select a shade close to, or lighter than, your own.

Our standard lace colors are:

transparent: suitable for most complexions
beige: suitable for those with very light complexions
light brown: suitable for women with light brown skin

We also offer medium and dark brown lace, however, if you believe you may need a medium or dark brown lace, it is best to submit your photograph, with your custom lace front wig order, so that our technicians can match the lace to your skin tone.

At zarawigs.com, we also offer custom lace dyeing. This is done after your wig is produced, if you ordered a shade too light for your complexion, or if you would like to purchase a stock unit where the shade is lighter than your complexion. Our custom lace tinting colors are medium to dark brown, in very warm shades, and is only offered on wigs of the color #4 and darker (or wigs with dark roots on the entire unit).

You can download our lace color chart here: lace color chart