Can I tint or color the lace on my lace front wig

Many people wonder if they can tint the lace on wigs. Most of the time, we stock transparent lace, although recently, we have begun to stock shades of brown. If a wig has transparent lace, and is not made with very light brown or blonde hair, often you can tint the lace with all purpose dye, such as RIT. RIT commonly carries two shades of brown liquid dye in most drug stores or grocery stores. Either color works just fine for tinting most transparent lace wigs. You follow the instructions on the bottle, being careful to only tint the perimeter of the lace on the wig. Usually 20 minutes in the dye bath is all you need to achieve your shade. Usually, we recommend that customers check the color after 10 minutes, and in 5 minute intervals, to ensure they don't color the lace too dark.