Lace front wig hair care

Many people ask us the proper way to care for the hair on their lace front wigs, so they can make the hair last as long as possible. When someone transitions from inexpensive hair purchased at neighborhood beauty supply stores, to higher quality remy hair, often they need to stop some practices that may have worked for them previously.

The number one thing to remember about your wig is that it is likely the hair is grossly different than your own. We don't really source hair from donors of the same ethnicity of our customers: for example, we don't source hair from Latinas, Europeans or African Americans. What that means is that the hair you receive from us is likely from a donor of a different ethnicity: Indian, Chinese, Mongolian, Malaysian, etc.. You may need to develop a different routine than you are used to on your own hair. The number one mistake we see customers making is we see African American customers, who purchase African American Realxed Texture wigs, and treat the hair as though it actually is relaxed African American hair. It's not!. The hair is usually hair of Asian origin processed to mimic relaxed hair. So if you're used to putting hair grease or heavy oily or greasy products your hair to retain it, just know that our wigs don't use products like that (and they last so much better when you don't).

The number one rule is to moisturize the hair. It is no longer attached to a donor, so use moisturizing (water based) products, not grease or oil based, no mineral oils, petrolatum based products, or other items typically targeted to African Americans. The hair you have is naturally straight, processed to have a coarse texture, so it won't revert to a kinky texture if you add moisture.

We have condensed our hair care tips into a few simple concepts:

*moisture, moisture moisture! *no combs and brushes (I know most people can't get used to this, but you know if you brush or comb your own natural hair excessively, it will end up in the comb or the brush, and the wig is no different, except it's easier to pull the hair out) *don't use products that cause build ups (silicones, mineral oils, petrolatum based products) *even though it's probably not what you want to do, your wig will last longer if you tie the hair up before going to sleep *don't extend your applications for unreasonably long periods of time