Get rid of the cheap products

Lots of women flock to $0.99 cent shampoos at drugstores, but if you want to take proper care of your hair, you'll have to invest in quality product. What quality product line you choose is highly individual and open to preference and experimentation, but we stress the importance of investing in quality hair care products.

To make this easy to understand, I will use simple, basic, calculations.

f a product sells (in a store) for $1.00:
That product likely cost that store $0.50 (if it's a large drugstore, we will give them the benefit of the doubt and say $0.75)
Then the container itself costs around $0.35 (when it's from a large manufacturer)
Plus add in overhead, marketing and advertising and...

You're looking at $0.10-$0.25 spent on actual product.

This is why you must buy quality product. Using cheap products on your hair is like living off junk food. It's food and you can get full, but long term, you won't like the results.

How much you should spend is up to you, it's a personal decision based on what you can afford. Our advice is to stick to salon quality product lines, or products formulated specifically for cut hair, hairpieces, wigs or hair extensions. When you buy a truly quality product line, it last longer because you don't need to overload your hair with cheap products to get a texture you're comfortable with. One of the top reasons you find such poor hair condition among women with highly textured hair is product choice. The others are styling regime and chemical abuse. Poor hair care products, combined with a damaging styling regime and chemical abuse (either or both) creates a recipe for hair damage and loss.