How do lace front wig adhesives affect my hairline?

This the million dollar question! Everyone wants to know how adhesives will affect the hairline. The honest truth is that adhesives can cause hair thinning along the hairline, when used without care. The one thing we like to stress is that the longer you want to keep your wig on without reapplying, the greater the risk for damage to your hairline. At, we really do not like to recommend applications longer than 5-7 days at a time, two weeks as an absolute maximum, so that's bad news for those of you who want weeks of hold.

We like to encourage our clients to not be afraid to remove, clean and reapply their wigs. This keeps the adhesive fresh and clean, and the bond strong. All adhesives will break down over time, and a rushed removal process can cause the hair to be pulled out when you remove the wig. With proper use, careful application and removal, and reasonable application periods, you can maintain a healthy hairline and wear a full lace wig.