First Timer: Advice for first time lace front wig buyers

Isn't it exciting? When you finally find that product, something so elusive, something that can easily change your appearance without compromising the health of your hair or your scalp. A wonderful alternative to weaves or braided extensions. Most women usually feel a sense of euphoria when they discover lace front wigs.

Once restricted to use by celebrities and the well-heeled, lace front wigs are now affordable to the working woman. Combining style versatility with a virtually undetectable hairline, the ability to part your hair anywhere on the wig, and with a full lace wig you can even wear your hair in a high ponytail.

You're learning about all your options and it seems so confusing. Well, we're here to help you figure things out.

A first time wig owner should start with an affordable wig. Don't spend all you can afford on your first wig. One good reason is that as a first time wig owner, you're likely to be a little rough on the wig as you're trying to figure out how to position it, how to apply adhesive, how to remove and clean your lace front wig. It would be a shame if you purchased a fragile, delicate, Swiss lace wig only to tear it. The other reason you don't want to spend all you can afford upfront is because you really won't know what you want until you get it. You will get your fist wig and chances are you are going to want to purchase other styles once you experience how versatile lace front wigs are. Many customers start off with a wavy or curly wig so they have the option of straightening it, but soon realize they would like a separate straight haired wig.

We recommend that our customers graduate to more expensive wigs. Start off with a wig that's reasonable and affordable for you, and graduate into more expensive wigs once you are experienced with wearing the wig and once you settle on a style.