I've been told Chinese hair is hard to curl is that true?

Chinese hair can be hard to curl, but it really depends. Some hair is bone straight and wants to stay that way, some hair has more body and is easier to curl. Every head of hair is different, with people, and as such each bundle of donor hair is different. We don't like to give a blanket statement because we've sold both Chinese remy that could not hold a curl, and Chinese Remy that would move wherever you put it and hold curls well. It really varies. Usually if the hair has been made into the African American texture, that helps the hair hold curls better than unprocessed hair.

In our product descriptions for our lace front wigs, we try to point out when the hair is likely to hold curls well and when it isn't. We've had some virgin Chinese Remy hair that would hold every single curl and style, and some that just wanted to hang perfectly straight, and we're careful to provide notations on the difference so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.