Confusion About Wig Lenght?


Hello Zara Wigs,

How long is this unit?

I'm slightly confused as to how to determine the length of the specific unit being ordered. There's a scale listed in the length section but for the specific unit being ordered, how do I determine the length?


The length of the wig in the photograph is 20-24" when measured from the crown to the tips of the hair, from 22-26" when measured from the hairline to the tips of the hair.

As far as placing an order, you can select any other length.

We include both lengths so a customer can reach a consistent point of reference because different companies measure length differently. But the hairline to the tips of hair is a consistent measurement. This also helps people of varying heights determine where the wig will "fall" as taller people generally need longer hair to achieve specific lengths beyond the shoulders.

When it says 22-26" that indicates the hair falls into layers with finished lengths ranging from 22-26".