I do not think this wig is really made with cuticle aligned hair!

A customer sent an email with concerns about the hair quality, here is our response:

When buying virgin hair, keep in mind that a lot of time elapses between when the hair is cut from the donor and when it gets to you. Although we deep condition and shampoo all wigs, once you start wearing it, it does need time to "settle in". Therefore, it may take a few flat ironings and a couple more conditionings/hydrations before the hair gets back to the hydration level it had before it was cut from the donor.

It's like taking a plant out of the ground and putting it in a planting pot, it may take a few waterings to get the plant back to the same level it was when it was in the soil. Please keep this in mind. Since it is unprocessed hair, it can withstand the heat. If you have any questions about the hair, please let us know.

I understand your concerns. I can guarantee the hair is cuticle aligned. Actually, non cuticle aligned hair usually does not "catch" because the cuticles must be stripped if the hair is not cuticle aligned, and the hair is usually coated, which will actually make it feel very silky.

Many companies selling "virign" hair actually perform a light acid wash on the hair, so that the hair feels silky to the touch, and is easy to run the hands through. This is because this is what consumers think determines whether the hair has cuticles or not. We use "raw" hair, meaning we use no acid bath on the hair, thus sometimes the hair may "catch" a little, until it is "broken in" or "trained" as some call it. This is similar to how the natural hair donor would not be able to continually run her hands through her own hair without the hair catching.