Customer Question: I Can't Get My Full Lace Wig to Stay On


I have been wearing units for over 4 years now. I know how to apply lace wigs. My problem is that I need to keep the wig secure on my head and tape and glue are not working at all. Even when I use mighty tite, glueit will not hold. I don't understand what can be the problem except the lace. I noticed on my old unit that the lace is a little course and the Zara wig lace is softer than normal. I really love the unit but I cannot wear it because it just will not hold.


Lace is always a tricky material because it doesn't have a lot of "surface area" compared to a solid fabric (like monofilament or PU). We have extensively researched and tested adhesives and typically the adhesion issue isn't so much a factor of the glue or tape as it is the reality that lace doesn't have as much surface area to "stick to". What this means is the same adhesive will stick better to a solid material than to lace.

Combine that with the reality some lace materials have a smoother surface (not necessarily visibly smoother) and it can create a situation where it's difficult to get a good bond.

When this issue arises we recommend the client find a way to make the surface area of the lace "less smooth" or "more solid". Some suggestions are to spray a tacky substance on the interior of the lace, such as hairspray, that will provide more adhesion for glue or tape, giving it more "grip" between the lace and adhesive. Near the nape area, we have often sewn in sheer ribbon, approximately 0.25-1" wide, to provide a solid surface. With a solid surface, even tape will hold.