What are the short (broken) hairs in a wig?

Most people understand the concept of carpet-making, or rug latching. Ventilating hair to a base is very similar. The hair is folded over, approximately 2-3 inches down the strand, and the longer hair is what creates the length, and there is typically a "return", a shorter hair 2-4 inches long.

On some textures, especially straight textures, the hair can have a tendency to stick up. A small amount of styling product will tame the return hairs. This is normal, unavoidable and part of all hand tied/ knotted/ ventilated pieces. Most wigmakers will not cut the return hairs because the hair lies better with longer returns than short returns. The return hair is not clipped close to he knot, because it will increase the likelihood that the knot will slip (come loose). Read this article or more information.