Is Virgin Hair Difficult to Care For?

All hair requires care if you want it to last. However, if you are accustomed to purchasing packaged hair, from the beauty supply store, and replacing hair without having to shampoo and condition it, you may not be prepared for the care required for premium quality hair.

A lot of hair extension clients are used to "disposable hair", low grade hair often sold under many brand names, purchased from beauty supply stores. We also call this "mass market hair" because it is made to appeal to the masses, and the masses often look for ease over quality.

For this reason, low grade hair is often sold by the beauty supply stores, however it is treated and coated to "feel good" when you run your fingers through it. After some wear, and most definitely after a shampoo or two, this coating wears off and you begin to see the true condition of the hair (low grade).

Virgin hair, by comparison, is very different. It is not processed or treated, and often doesn't "feel" as silky or smooth as processed hair, however, the texture you feel and experience is real and will remain the same after shampooing and conditioning. Virgin hair does require care, just as biological hair does. So to answer the question is it difficult to care for? No, it isn't. But it isn't as care-free as disposable hair. What you trade off in maintenance you gain with longevity.