What are these short hairs on my wig?

The short hairs are called "return hairs". When the hair is knotted onto the wig base, there is a short piece on one side of the knot, usually 2-3 inches, and the long hair is on the other side of the knot.

All lace wigs, closures and hairpieces wigs have return hairs, however some textures, especially when straight and thick (especially African American Relaxed, Light Yaki and silky straight textures), have more noticeable return hairs. Wavy and curly textured return hair usually blends in with the longer hair, and is not very noticeable at all. Also a heavier density will make this more noticeable because the more hair, the more return hairs.

Typically, the wearer has to "train" the hairs to lie flat, either by spraying the hair with water, shaping the hair and allowing it to dry, or by using a warm curling or flat iron to smooth the hair down. Usually the hairs lie flat over time. If a particular area is troublesome, because there are too many return hairs, you can snip it with scissors.

If you are wearing the hair straight, it might be difficult to flatten the return hairs, however, you can often try curling, or roller setting, the hair once or twice, this will usually make the return hairs more pliable and easier to lie flat.

There are some wigs where the return hairs are clipped. These are usually higher priced wigs priced around $1,000 and more. The labor involved to trim return hairs, while the wig is made, usually is cost prohibitive for the price range we operate within.

Again, all hand knotted wigs have return hairs because it is how the knot is made. It is not a defect, nor is it indicative of short hair being used in the wig to add density, but not length. If you have one of our wigs, and the return hairs are troublesome, contact us for a consultation and we can help you further.