What Is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair, in it's truest definition, means hair that is completely unprocessed. This means no processing for color, texture or anything. The hair, un-modified, straight from the donor, to you. The only "processing" performed on truly virgin hair is shampooing, conditioning, sanitizing and removing nits and other debris, so that you get pure, clean hair.

Over the years, the term "virgin" has been mis-used to denote a different "grade" of hair, rather than untouched hair. Nowadays, companies use "virgin" to denote hair that has not had the cuticles stripped, but is still processed for texture (steam processed, or organically processed) or processed for color.

Contrary to popular belief, virgin hair is not necessarily the "best" hair. All other factors remaining equal, unprocessed hair is typically more durable and higher in quality in processed hair, because it has not been compromised. However, there are many instances where a person should opt for processed hair.

For example, if you like a tightly curled, or ethnic texture, it is difficult (and expensive) to find this as natural hair with no processing. If you are looking for colored hair, chances are the hair needs to be processed to achieve the color, as most Asian virgin hair is dark. If you are looking for relaxed texture or kinky straight, then you need processed hair.

Having said that, processed hair doesn't mean "bad" hair. It just means processed. That also doesn't, in and of itself, mean that the hair is compromised, or the quality is lessened from the processing, that all depends on the caliber of technique the factory uses, and the quality of the raw hair used. A higher grade of hair yields a better end result.

Also, it should be noted that there are many, many customers who are not equipped to, or accustomed to, caring for truly virgin hair. Truly virgin hair has a raw feel and can vary from one donor to the next. Every donor does not have perfectly free flowing, tangle and frizz free hair! Some customers prefer hair with a little bit of processing to smooth the cuticle and make the hair smoother to the touch. It is all a matter of preference. At Zara Wigs, we try to ensure that you have the best education to make an informed decision!